Master of Business Administration or Married but available?

There is ample literature available about this subject matter on the world wide web but please to accept my humble contribution. It was not until this weekend, did I realise that this concept has been institutionalised by Columbia Business School – 

. For those of you who still believe this is a myth, let me enlighten you that it’s not. It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon and there is no reason for it to be a myth, but it remains behind the curtains and for good reason. I present an analogy to illustrate circumstances and consequences of an MBA. There are two types of people who join the MBA program – Single and Married/ Committed (Let’s assume it’s the same for the sake of simplifying the problem). Similarly, you have yet another two types of people joining the MBA program – Sponsored (Education at the expense of your employer) and non-sponsored (An investor seeking active returns). A sponsored MBA student just as a committed individual is bound to going back to his previous employer (or partner) unless he finds a new employer (new partner) that can bail him out of the bond. This bail out is becoming increasingly common (just as common as divorces/ break ups). Most sponsored students come in with the intention of going back to their previous employer, but when lured by the variety of opportunities available for others, the temptation is too hot to resist. The ones who are too afraid to break this commitment, stray a little bit during the internship period only by “doing” something they’d never have a chance to “do” once they finish the MBA program. It’s almost like a one night stand. About the non-sponsored students, they can go from consulting to investment banking to industry and sky is the limit (Well, not so much for men as is for women given the skewed gender ratios). The ones who either know exactly what they want (which are less than a handful) or stay behind in this game (almost all of them since they lack the social skills to excel at “networking”) are usually sore about it and accuse the well performing “players” of being too promiscuous. It’s also important that we look at this situation from the perspective of the future employer (or “the other man/woman”). If you are seeking a new employer, most people avoid revealing any signs of being committed until is damn serious (final interview with the future employer or you know you’ve found new love) and you are reasonably sure your future employer sees enough value in bailing you out. The only difference here is that a future employer will not suffer from any guilt during bail out unlike the new partner (Come on, nobody wants to take responsibility in ending a relationship/ marriage!!). In fact, the future employer is actually applauded for being so aggressive in recruiting unlike a new partner and this could be the only aberration in making a comparison between a human being and an institution. There is yet another group of students who are sponsored and highly committed to their previous employer (loyalty driven by love or a value you see in being with your partner) but don’t mind other companies looking up their CV and expressing interest, after all who doesn’t enjoy compliments?


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