Jobs I’d kill for

I have been stalking Christian Rudder, President & Co-founder of OkCupid like a mad person all day. I’ve hunted him down on Linkedn, Twitter, etc and badgered him with requests for an informational interview, but all in vain so far. But, I’m hopeful. Why am I so obsessed about working with OkCupid or Tinder? The sheer access to data and the different ways that these guys play with it to make sense of something as irrational as human behaviour in relationships is fascinating. I’d kill for this job. I used to run my own dating page before the MBA and those were great times. I could very well resume that but it would take me years to hoard the amount of data group boasts of. But if you happens to be vaguely connected to Christian Rudder, keep them introductions coming. Kthnxbye!


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