Multi-Culti – A night I don’t remember?

Multi-Culti is one of the biggest events during the IESE MBA Program since IESE is known for it’s cultural diversity (I officially dislike this word now). The concept is fairly simple – You pay 40+ euros to devour food and drinks and see cultural performances by almost every country/ region represented here at IESE. In each of these areas, there is sufficient scope to go overboard both on the part of the performer (Asia’s got talent!) and the audience (who drank till their teeth fell off). Business school students never fail you at any point of time either in terms of organising the event (superior management skills), pricing tickets (started at 40 and went up till 75 until the day of the event where some smart MBA students made up for their own ticket expense) and the amount of fun packed in one night.

The ever so wanted Germans and Japanese (apart from the job market), had managed to have their drinks sponsored/ subsidised and I had no qualms about that – The Yamazaki and Hibikki made my night. The middle easterners as usual handled everything in style and grandeur including hiring a belly dancer. The British nailed it with their humour (even in the food). The Indians killed it with spice as usual and I thought they were my second favourite (may be my taste buds are biased). Unfortunately, except the Mexicans, hardly anyone concurred with me. Beside the Indians, we had the Brazilians who served yummy chocolate based desserts and had hired some very friendly bartenders who earned more in terms of perks than in hourly wages.

Peruvians served some tasty cocktails and somehow ended up in most pictures of the party (thanks to their board). Canadians did steal the show with props too. The Korean table was the funnest – a guy would shove a drink down your throat and before its even reached the end of your throat, he’d have showed a piece of snack into your mouth. The Philippines kept it sober by offering tapioca based non-alcoholic drinks but collaborated well with the Americans and Germans to ensure that the loos were always occupied. The western European countries had cheese, olives and vino of various colours. Beside them were the Chinese who made up for the lack of cups to serve drinks in with dances and drama.

There were several inter-cultural exchanges, some I witnessed, some I didn’t. All in all, it was theoretically a night to remember but unfortunately, I’ve little memory of it and you can’t blame me for making every penny of my 50 Euros worth it. Once again, thank you Hibikki, Yamazaki, Sake, Amasutra, Chatka Patka or whatever that thing was called, Mescal, Korean thing, Caipirinha (?), Tampioca Juice and Canadian Ski Shot.


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