Punjabi pampering and the Indian Juggernaut

For several years, I had only heard a lot about how one gets pampered in a Punjabi household. For the first time last night, I was subject to such kindness at Achint’s home. Dinner was scheduled at 9 but Pritimay and I managed to get there early to help out Achint but the guests were luckily spared from our sous chef skills. As Pritimay had mentioned on our way to her house, “Khali hath jana accha nahi lagtha”, I’d assumed we’d stop by at a market to pick up something for the dinner but in an attempt to locate her house, we’d landed at her doorstep even before we knew it. But thanks to Vijayalakshmi (my mum), I was getting very jittery having gone khaali hath, so I quickly went out to bring some stuff we needed for the party. I felt a sense of calm that would allow me to enjoy Achint’s hospitality. Just like how my mum would, she fed all of us so damn well and then settled down to have her own dinner. Also, she had arranged for Andrea, Marie and Gemma to constantly check on if we were all eating well. I was impressed by her hosting ethics, given that she’s the youngest among all of us Indians. The food was delicious not because it had the right amount of salt or spice, simply because it had an extra serving of love from a Punjabi kudi (ok, I hope my hindi/ punjabi is correct!). For the first time in months, I felt at home as we all sat around in little clusters chatting about green chutney, Gurgaon, job scenes and Indian passports like typical non-resident Indians. I am close to some of them more than the others simply because I see some of them more often than the others else we’re just one big happy family! I was afraid we’d slip into a round of Antakshari after dinner, luckily we didn’t thanks to having a fair minority of non-Indians in the party. We played charades which was so much fun and once again, Achint stole the show with her impeccable depiction of certain life events which I shall refrain from elaborating on this forum. After a round, we called it a night and headed home. On the way, I chatted with Rohan about my business idea and I realised how we’ve all so much to share and learn from each other given our entrepreneurial pursuits.


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