Cost of frequency lag in class

For the last two classes of global economics, I have severely suffered from distraction and hence, the pain of having to try harder than normal to be attentive in class. I was quite concerned at first simple because the last time I felt that way was during all of the managerial accounting classes during Term-2. I tried to correlate my state to the fact that both professors were German and concluded that I find it quite hard to comprehend Germans or appreciate their sense of humor. Well, this is quite stupid. So, today, I tried to pay attention to why I was unable to pay attention to the professor and realized that he and I suffer from a frequency lag.

If you’ve ever dabbled around with an audio player by changing speeds of the sound to 0.5X or 2X or 4X and so on, you can appreciate the fact that the effort to listen and comprehend the audio is variable depending on the speed/ frequency. Some people prefer 1X, while others prefer 2X but this seldom happens unless it’s an unedited audiotape of our ex-PM, Vajpayee. Most audiotapes are made to match the frequency that can be comprehended by the human ear. So, essentially, the frequency of the professor’s teaching (audio) differs from that of my comprehension.

Once I figured out the problem, I began to wonder how I could solve it. I could either try harder than what I am capable of in attempting to listen to the professor or request the professor to increase the pace of his teaching which might increase my risk of getting a C in this course because the grades lie in the mood of the beholder (professor) or just make my peace with not getting the best out of his classes. All options seem fairly suboptimal and so, after evaluating the cost benefit analysis, I will go with the last option since at least his notes are quite insightful.

Just to illustrate cost benefit analysis of one scenario – I believe in efficiency of markets in general. So, I suppose he hasn’t got any feedback regarding the pace of his teaching since his first class as he’s hasn’t changed his pace at all and so if I try to give this feedback, it might stand out working either in my favour or against. Best case scenario is that my feedback could make him change and result in inconvenience for a majority of my classmates who haven’t had any issues with his pace so far, in which case, it’ll go back to square one the moment some of this majority decide to act against this change. The worst-case scenario would be that he thinks I’m a freak simply because he hasn’t received such feedback from vast majority of the class and decides to hand me a pretty little C. So, you see, the costs are far higher than the benefits in attempting to bridge this frequency lag.

Disclaimer : It is not unwarranted to believe that the worst case scenario is a bit of an exaggeration since one of the professors in the past took serious offence to my suggestion regarding how the reading material was presented on the assignment portal.


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