TED Talks and Team epiphanies

I consider myself to be TED Talk fanatic – I’m so in love with idea of people sharing their thoughts and stories that I along with Karthik have started our own story collective initiative. Everyone has a story to tell, a story to share that could change the world just a little bit for at least one person in the audience. Given our ability for selective hearing, the impact of these talks are almost always positive. I’ve never been very religious but I’ve always been spiritual (sometimes even superstitious). Since I was a little girl, my idea of God was the good in every one of us. It could be intelligence, an unassuming smile, ability to help others without expecting anything in return, any kind of special talent that can help make the world a better place, etc. So, these story collectives help make the world a better place by allowing many more of us believe that God exists (Ok, I hope this doesn’t make my atheist husband stop organising the NED Talks!).

One of the thoughts that plague our generation is that of the world inching closer to doomsday and all our attempts to resurrect it seeming futile. I always thought on the surface about why everything around me was crumbling but never dug deeper until I stumbled on this TED Talk. This is probably amongst the best talks I’ve ever heard. It made me realise why we are such fighters. We are constantly trying to protect ourselves because we fear the world around us becoming more cruel by the day. Once we take a blow, we become more careful. Sometimes more careful than we ever need to. Our guards are so high up that we don’t even see that nobody is fighting us anymore. In fact, we aren’t even able to see that everyone else also has their guard up very high. If only there was someone to assure us that the world is actually safe and nobody wants to fight, we’d all spend our energies more productively than we do now trying to defend ourselves.

The context for these talks are so important. I had a thread running in the background about how I’ve been quite unproductive in my course project simply because I’ve been trying to protect myself from being exploited. I work, but don’t advertise and hence, people believe I don’t work because all of us take things too literally and rarely have the time to look beyond. It’s perfectly natural since there’s only so much one can see when they take a peek from behind their guards. So, in an attempt for people to see what I want them to actually see, I end up trying too hard or battling, which further scares people who are taking a look at this from behind their guards and so the vicious cycle follows and I earn titles like being the actual German (I think they mean Nazi?) of my team and what not (A friend says that I better be careful with such titles because they could have an underlying sexist connotation to this since people are not used to aggressive/ ambitious women). So, may be I should appear as a meditating damsel when they take a peek next time? Ok, I’m kidding.

I think sometimes people have to be more trusting and knowingly assume the risk of taking a blow in the face. It could happen once, twice, thrice but it might be worth all the time in between when we’re not getting exhausted trying to defend ourselves!


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