The ugliest thing in the world could be insecurity

If Apple had branded the mac as being better than a windows PC or if Facebook had tried to rub it in your face that they were better than Orkut, then neither of these products/ services would’ve come this far because what is better than something will soon be replaced by something even better. So, the worst pitch is, when you need to sell your product/service by putting down another. Earlier this week, I was attending a company presentation at school. They are a consulting practice, that are not amongst the top recruiters at business school, which is why I was curious to learn about them. Through the length of their 30 minutes presentation, they tried to lay emphasis on how they offered better work life balance for their employees or took on more local projects, compared to other consulting firms, needing their employees to stay far longer on ground than on flights. This comparison with other firms, persisted like a large piece of asafoetida in Rasam, if you know what I mean?

While these might all be valid facts, the comparison stemmed from a deep rooted insecurity of being 2nd or 3rd tier consulting firm, making them just a wee bit ugly. Once they had led us down a path of comparison, I couldn’t help but judge them on every tiny little bit of how they presented themselves. Although, I must confess at this point that they may have very well returned the favour by judging me since I wasn’t dressed in business attire (A backless chiffon top with jeans definitely doesn’t count for formal attire even at an American business school).  You know, how in the movies, the villain always wants to put the hero down in front of the heroine, in order to impress her but it never works? This is because insecurity shows easily and it’s probably the ugliest thing in the world. Why else would Juhi Chawla fall in love with Sunny Deol over Shah Rukh Khan in Darr?!

Even in a relationship, insecurity is one of the most common causes of breakups. This stems from a lack of confidence in oneself that results in doubting one’s own partnerships. The only way to mend this is by finding those things that make us special as if there was no one else in the world like us. That’s what Apple did with the iPad or Tinder did with online social discovery!


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