A rolling mug of beer

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Credit: Internet

Most engineering students in Bangalore are familiar with why there is always some construction ongoing in the M.S. Ramaiah group of institutions. So, for the uninitiated, the rumour goes that, M.S.Ramaiah had a curse which said that he needs to keep constructing something else he’d die. Long after his demise, his family is believed to still be serving this curse and hence, the pipeline of construction continues. May be there are similar curses on coffee drinkers, smokers and MBA students. Networking is an integral part of an MBA candidate’s life. It’s that time of your life when you need to put yourself out there to make sure you have all connections required to navigate the rest of your professional lives. This primarily involves alcohol nights, coffee chats and diversity dinners where one needs to master the art of detached attachment.

There is a fine line between networking and it ‘not’ working and this line usually ranges anywhere between two and four drinks in one evening. Choice of drinks is crucial. If you pick beer, then you can be sure to get through the night with a non-empty wallet, few new connections (given that you can’t use change of drinks as an alibi for moving around groups), no hangover and your reputation intact (At the cost of more frequent bathroom trips). However, the trick is to keep it rolling – to never be seen empty handed. If you are that awkward person without a drink in hand, you will unfortunately leave the party early and not get the best out of this networking experience.

A rolling mug of beer is like working capital for networking. If beer doesn’t do it for you, try a couple of shots followed by a mock-tail that you will take forever to down. This probably explains why gin and tonic is so popular among my friends in Barcelona. I can’t emphasise the shots enough as alcohol is a great social lubricant unless you’re like this one chap I met couple of weeks ago on whose social skills alcohol has absolutely no effect. I am not propagating consumption of alcohol but it can’t be any less toxic than the act of pretending to enjoy the company of intoxicated individuals right?


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