Democratisation of societies

Traditionally, being a part of a society meant being aware of the lines between good and bad or right and wrong, which were drawn up centuries ago by our ancestors. For instance, women spending their lives in the kitchen and men in their fields was right and the other way around was wrong. Of course, some lines shifted a little to the left or right over the years within smaller subsets of this society (families), but, each individual member of the society was never bestowed with the right of re-drawing these lines. Today, with the enormous access to information, there are opportunities for cultural exchange and all of us have earned the right to adopt our own cultures and rituals that stem from convenience rather than tradition.

This process is loosely termed as westernisation but it’s so much more than that. It is the dawn of democratisation of our society. Every one of us has a choice today, unlike how things stood for our previous generation. In fact, we actively embrace new schools of thought. For instance, festivals have traditionally been an occasion for families to come together. Today, given that families are more virtual, we celebrate festivals with friends rather than relatives because it’s convenient. The way societies have evolved thus far, celebration with friends might become the norm a few hundred years down the lane but the important thing is that, we are a generation that is experiencing and also driving this transformation.

The degree to which our society is evolving is subject to factors such as age, access to information and the need to adapt. So, you will still see some people opposing this idea of a society and it’s okay. While each of us now hold the right to defining how we live our lives, we choose our thought leaders collectively and they still govern our idea of good and bad. Of course, this collective idea of a society might still not align with some of your individual ideas, but, for the first time, the overarching boundaries of our society are defined by the result of our current collective wisdom rather than our forefathers who lived very different lives from ours.


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