Personal choices and Serendipity


When I decided to apply for an MBA in 2013, I was so focussed on my application process and admission, that I hadn’t spent a second on how I would live my life over the following 2-3 years (This is after having planned this MBA a decade prior to then!!). From paying every instalment of my fees to applying for visas to preparing to move to a whole new continent, I took everything one step at a time. While I kept doing my bit, I was constantly expecting to be challenged and for the Universe (I’m a strong believer of multiverse, but thats for another blogpost) to tell me to quit, take a detour, etc. When I moved to Barcelona, I couldn’t have expected to be in a better city, I couldn’t expected better housemates and I couldn’t have expected to be challenged so much in every basic way possible. It was the same way I dealt with my time in South East Asia through last summer or the US last fall. Since things were moving so fast and I had to make quick decisions, I mostly took chances and was going to be okay no matter how things panned out but looking back,  it all feels like Serendipity.

Although I must confess that it’s a lot harder to embrace serendipity when things move slower. I made a life altering choice once when I was 22, when I shed a few layers of who I’d evolved to become by 22, and now, I have made yet another of those life altering choices to shed a few more layers of the 29 year old me. Surely, shedding a few layers comes with growing a few more that are not correlated in any way. This lack of correlation disorients most of us, making us question the point of a marriage, having children, etc because these are are such life altering changes where we lose a bit of ourselves and grow new skin, but not so gracefully always. When people ask me why I am so obsessed with getting people married, I just say, why not? Because, for me, it seems just like any other chance we take in our lives (Sure, it’s a costly choice, but where are rewards without risks right?).

Surely, not everyone looks for serendipity in life. Some of us who aren’t very opinionated or have grand expectations of life, are fortunate enough to embrace life for what its worth (ok, this is probably what my thatha used to call vyragya, which he hadn’t got even at 83!), while most of us spend our entire lives trying to align it to our expectations of how life ought to be. You can either choose to believe that you’ve complete control of your life or let life surprise you sometimes. At the end of the day, its all a personal choice (that could be attributed to some amount of laziness, which I surely don’t discount! :D) to sit back and welcome serendipity in your life and that’s precisely what I’m doing right now!


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