Mental instability, creative output and good start-ups


In our recent episode of the NED Talks, we had music director, Abhijit Shailmnath talk about how creativity is often a result of some sort of mental instability say for instance, heightened happiness or sadness. Mental instability is often perceived as a bad or an abnormal thing but as Abhi says, these are just evolutionary offshoots of the human mind. To mathematically illustrate this, imagine the various states of mind scattered on either sides of a regression line (this is essentially what we would casually call as a “normal” state of mind), drawn right through them. He mentioned how the most troubled times have inspired him to compose some of his best works. I couldn’t agree more since most of my blogposts or paintings have been inspired by some sort of heightened negative emotion.

Be it a terrible interview, a bitter customer experience or some sort of rift with friends, I find myself flooded with thoughts that are craving to gush out into a blogpost. However, on the contrary, when I have a fantastic interview or a pleasantly surprising customer experience, I am not inspired enough to produce any creative output. For instance, last fall, I had a brilliant experience interviewing with McKinsey and I contemplated penning down my experience but never really got around to doing it. Similarly, over the last month or so, I have had great experiences with two apps, but neither seemed to warrant a full blogpost..I wonder if only one side of mental stability actually enables creative processes in me over the other extreme (mania/ happiness).

The two apps I had pleasantly surprising experiences with were Housejoy and Dunzo. I used Housejoy to get all my sofas shampooed and I could not have imagined the service to be so professional. The customer touch points were bare minimum, the crew arrived at my house well within time, the job was very efficiently done with very little disturbance to the rest of the house, the crew was not annoying and they didn’t overcharge (over what was quoted by the app in the beginning that is). But this didn’t warrant an entire blogpost..I can’t fathom why.

I had a similarly peaceful experience with Dunzo when I got a package delivered from Marathalli to Jayanagar for Rs.60 (that too cash on delivery!). The whole experience of booking the service (which was over some sort of a chat applet type thingie) to actually receiving the package within 90 mins of booking it was totally surreal. I could have said so much about how I cannot figure out for the love of god who invests in start ups like this which are so not sustainable despite being luxuriously useful, but this didn’t warrant a full blogpost either.

I suppose the moral of this story is, good experiences don’t inspire blogposts or any creative output as much as bad experiences. So good start ups might never really feature on my blog, thanks to all the positivity they emote in me.




One thought on “Mental instability, creative output and good start-ups

  1. Interesting! While reading most of your blog entries, it sounds more like a problem you’ve identified and looking for possible solutions. Couldn’t sense a ‘negative feeling’ angle to it.
    I kind of stopped blogging because of similar reasons, I was inspired to write about the negative feelings or the not so great events. Whenever i wrote something positive, there was also this superstitious angle, wherein the goodness was soon replaced by another unpleasant event (directing blame at the blog for the jinx). Although later on sense prevailed that both good and bad days come and go, they don’t remain stagnant at a place.

    P.s: Most companies invest on good customer care because customers remember bitter experiences more vividly than good experiences.


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