Letters to my Berry#1


As I was starting to write this, I had put you down on the bed (that belonged to your great grandmother) beside me so I could keep a watch on you. You couldn’t see me from there and so when I came to look at you, you gave me your best smile, almost as if you were delighted to see me, or so I thought. You have just about started to smile at people, at some more than others (read your dad).

Anyway, I have decided to try and document your life a little bit in my own way (through a blogpost now and then). Honestly, I have never been good at keeping notes, so you will have to make do with random bursts of updates on your life from my perspective. So, you turned a month yesterday. We had an elaborate photoshoot planned for you at home but you mostly slept through it and so that was one epic fail. One month is a good milestone for me to quickly summarise the highlights of your life so far.

On 15th September, at 12:16:47, Dr.Brunda pulled you out of me and held you up like a little tiger cub and showed you to me. My first thoughts were of course “Aww” quickly followed by wondering how much time and money you would have to spend on waxing (unless of course, if being hairy is the in thing in your generation). We had already decided to name you Abheri, which happens to be a popular raaga in carnatic classical music and also, translates to fearless in Sanskrit. Quite aptly, you didn’t wince when you were given your first vaccination shots immediately after birth. You were then taken away by Appa to show you to ajji, thatha, Rama ajji and Putti atte who were waiting to see you.

Holding you felt very natural and not scary at all. You first amazed us when you took off a mitten from one hand and used the free hand to take off the mitten from your other hand, that too on Day 2. You amazed us when you didn’t cry while being bathed or when you got your next set of vaccinations. One week down, you didn’t even cry when you were pricked 5-6 times during a jaundice blood test. In summary, you have mostly been a non-cry baby (touchwood!) in the last one month. You mostly cried for milk and when you wanted to do kakka, which is reasonable I think.

Your activities so far have been limited to drinking milk-biting, peeing-pooping-pouting, crying, sleeping, air-cycling like crazy, staring into space and seeming like you are in deep thought like Aristotle or Kant and occasionally smiling. The best part about the last one month has been that we have never been up all night since you only wake up 2-3 times on an average. Within the first 2 weeks, you could recognise me by my voice and now in the last one week, you recognise me by looks as well (your gaze follows me across the room) because after all, I am your milk booth. You calm down instantly when I pick you up because you probably feel relieved to know your supply is around, just in case you need it.

In the last 3-4 days, you have also started to recognise your dad and even, smile at him (bloody!) when he makes faces at you and plays with you. This is probably because he is your primary cleaner, who learnt to change diapers even before I did, although I am the one who dreams about diapers all the time. Now, we don’t know if babies your age are supposed to do this or not, because we don’t bother reading up about this as we like to be surprised and live life all over again through you. You are a joy to watch and our little piece of daily miracle.

Happy one month, Berrylicious!


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