Letters to my Berry#2


This last one month has somewhat been a blur because you went from being absolutely organized to all over the place. You didn’t have fixed sleeping, input or output patterns and you were cranky a lot of times. This meant I had to be constantly alert without much rest finishing my ability to grasp or remember your whereabouts, which is why I think it is so important that I spend these few minutes every month documenting your life else everything is going to be a blur few years down the lane.

As you can see from the picture above, one of your biggest achievements this month is your social smile (Ajja’s achichichichi triggered your first social smile!). It turns out you can recognise a smile and smile back, recognise a frown on my face and melt that with a smile and recognise sounds that make you happy and give a toothless giggle. I love that you are an extremely happy baby and you wake up every morning smiling putting a smile on our faces as well. I think the secret behind this early morning smiling session has to do with another achievement of yours, which is sleeping all night like an adult. *touchwood*

You probably learnt another important thing this month, that life is not all happy and dandy always because you got your first set of vaccinations that gave you a fever followed by cold and then loosies at some point. But the important thing is that it didn’t bring you down and you fought the bacteria like a champ (ok, we didn’t bother taking you to a doc so you didn’t have much choice, but still!). I think what kept you going was constantly being surrounded by people who love you because you spent a week with Ajja and Amma being pampered.

I think this is around the time when average babies try to roll over or turn but you have shown no such inclination. We’ve tried giving you ample tummy time but it appears you have taken after Appa and me quite well and are lazy as hell! You’d rather lie there awkwardly with your arm stuck below your belly than make an attempt to take it out. So, you’ll probably end up taking longer to crawl, walk, etc. but its okay. The good news is, you might be able to talk fast because you already try to communicate quite well. You babble endlessly and engage in a babble battle if encouraged.

In the past one month, you have been introduced to a variety of sights (you can track objects now!!) and sounds. Starting with the sound of a rattle (courtesy Nikhil Jois), you have been responding to sounds rather interestingly. The rattle scares the shit out of you and we love that startled look on your face (evil, I know. Mwuahaha!) Next is the sound of the musical bunny that Ajja got you, which you have been addicted to whenever you are in your crib (Oh, your crib belonged to Avani akka before this). Then came the hanging above your crib that appa got you, which supposedly doubles up as baby gym. You love the sound it makes and start screaming the moment it stops and so, we keep winding it over and over again to make sure you leave us alone. So, yeah, being Abheri, thankfully you are quite musically inclined.

Before signing off, here’s another interesting piece of information, my rockstar – You love falling asleep to lullaby renditions by Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.





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