Letters to my Berry#3


The highlight of this month was definitely you blabbing non-stop and trying to communicate with us. You promptly respond to a certain type of noise I make. As your doc says, your social skills seem to have developed before your motor skills. You give everyone you meet a super infectious toothless smile and that makes you seem much bigger than you actually are. We took you shopping one afternoon to Lifestyle and you had seemed to have picked up pouting from somewhere and you wouldn’t stop for 2 days after that. We knew right then that you are too much of a poser. So we decided to get you photographed (ok, just for the passport!).

So, yeah, you got your first passport even before you turned 3 months. The experience at the passport office was amazing because they had this priority queue for babies. We even managed to get your passport in 3 business days!! On the day of your passport appointment, we were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and so, we took you out for lunch with us to Farzi Cafe at UB city and it wasn’t such a bad day except of course we learnt that you love seeing the world and one of us had to take you around while the other one ate. I even fed you at the restaurant with a dupatta wrapped around us (Sure we looked like beggars at some signal, but who cares!).

Having taken you out once, we decided to take more risks and hence took you to Poornima atte’s gruhapravesha, which was the first official function you attended. We had dressed you up in a frilly pink frock given by amma’s IESE friend, Ekta. At the function, we happily gave you away to Phani mama while we sat down to eat our first function meal post your birth. You did great in terms of hanging out with everyone. So, we learnt that the less fussier we are with you, the more carefree you grow up. Well okay, we don’t know how long this will last, so lets see.

While you were youngest on my dad’s side of the family, that position got stolen by your new baby cousin brother Advay, who was born on December 3rd. Lucky for you, he lives in a different country or I bet your 10th standard percentage would be compared to second decimal place, given our family history. Bwahah. I hope you guys grow up to be atleast half as close as Smi and I are, although you guys are second cousins. Did I mention you have 8 other little women to look up to? But wait, you haven’t even met a third of them. You will at some point, don’t worry.

Towards the end of your 3rd month, you showed some signs of stranger anxiety. You started crying when you were picked up by Rama ajji, but that was just for 1 day. Thankfully, you got over that pretty quickly (hoping it’s not coming back again). To be honest, this month has been quite uneventful in terms of your physical and mental changes except that you doubled your weight as expected and finished all your vaccinations like a good child. So, I’ll save myself for more interesting times ahead apart from you sleeping on time, feeding well and what not.

Anyway, I have a little confession to make, I didn’t write this on your 3rd month birthday (I am 2.5 months late, but hey, better late than never huh?).


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