Letters to my Berry#4


On the 22nd of December, a week after you turned three months old, we took you to the doctor for your vaccination. For the first time, you cried loudly when you got pricked – before that you had hardly cried when we had given you your vaccinations – not even for the BCG which was given when you were two days old.

During this visit, we told the doc about how you were such a lazy bum – while you were quite active in terms of making noises and “talking” to us, you had shown absolutely no inclination in doing anything physical – be it turning around, or grabbing things or trying to move.

And as if to prove us wrong, the very next morning you reached out for something. We had left you alone in your baby gym while we made breakfast, and when Appa came to check on you, you had held on to the rings of the green turtle in the baby gym. It was fascinating to watch, as you reached out and held on. However, you still didn’t know how to let go, and cried to make us help you get rid of the turtle.

And then again, three days later, you made your next move. Once again it was in the morning, and once again it was on your baby gym. You flipped around. You had contorted your head in a weird position and tried to make the movement, and after many tries, like the mythical story of King Bruce and the spider, you finally succeeded. And once you succeeded in flipping over on 26th December, you wouldn’t stop. Every time we put you on the mat, you would try to flip and lift your head up to look all around the place.

And then Appa gave you your very first cold. He had been sleeping away from us for two nights because he had a cold (it’s a case of shepherd boy crying wolf since he always keeps cribbing about “getting a cold” but this time it was real). And then on the third day when I had gone out to meet a business associate, you seemed cling on to appa so much  that his virus came into you.

But you took to the cold like a sweetheart. While you made noises in your nose, and put out plenty of goNNe, you were always the same old smiley papa. We found your spirit to be rather inspiring on this front!

And when you were still down with the cold, you learnt to go the full circle – you found this manoeuvre with your legs up in the air where you could turn yourself on your back, and thus face the TV!! And once the TV was switched off, you continued turning to reach where you started off from. It was at this time that we made the decision NOT to get a TV when we went to London.

A few days before you completed 4 months, I had taken you to ajji thatha mane for 2 days and by the time we got back home, you had become quite addicted to socialising and having people around that you would just start screaming every time we left you alone. I am not sure if this means you’ve now become a clingy child or if its just a growth spurt, I’m hoping its the latter.

You’ve definitely been growing up and becoming more human as you can recognise appa and me since you like being cuddled by us or you like to cuddle us yourself. We are starting to miss the times when you were a clueless blob but we have decided to enjoy every phase for what its worth. This hopefully will not include our crazy efforts to get you accustomed to a feeding bottle (don’t even get me started on this!). 😀

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