Pinning memories on a wall.


My wall at home in Barcelona (2014-15)

In an attempt to preserve/ pass on some of our customs, Karthik and I have decided to celebrate a few select festivals since the birth of our daughter, Abheri. The most recent one was Sankranti and as per tradition, we went to a few of our relatives’ houses to “beer yeLLu kabbu”. We happened to visit Karthik’s grandaunt and it was the first time I was entering her prayer room of sorts (part of the kitchen) after having known her all these years. She had an entire wall full of pictures of people from her family, some of whom I recognised and some others I couldn’t, but all of them long gone. There were pictures of siblings, nieces, niece-in-laws and grandnephews, some chosen for the purpose of obituary, while others were just candid.

The way she had chosen to remember all of these people was something like I had never seen before. I wish I had a picture to share here. Its funny how some people are part of our lives so much and all of a sudden one day when they are gone, we all find our own ways to hold them back from exponentially fading into our memories. My parents have a picture of my paternal grandparents and maternal grand-dad on their fridge. My paternal grandfather had a picture of his father on a wall in his room. We have a picture of Karthik’s parents on a wall in our living room.

It doesn’t always have to be people who aren’t alive anymore. We all outgrow people who were once so significant in our lives and every once in a while, we remember the times we shared and sigh in nostalgia. That warm feeling that swells up in our heart due to nostalgia is worth making more relationships for. All our lives are essentially a sum total of our social interactions and it would be lovely to be able to wake up to a pictorial summary of mine, every single day!


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