Letters to my Berry#5


I like to now famously say that my honeymoon is officially over. As you see in the picture above, you are now fully mobile. It’s hard to contain you in your bouncer or within our kind sized bed. You’ve have this thing about you – When you discover something new, you don’t stop doing it. Just like how you can’t stop wanting to lick the socket when you are getting your diaper changed. This month, you’ve started crawling, your own version of it that too. You can’t seem to lift both your head and bum at the same time, and so, you push yourself forward with your legs while resting your head on the ground. You also spice it up with a few rolls here and there and you are good to reach wherever you desire.

Apart from having developed your motor skills, you also show signs of admirable social skills. The first biggest test to that was your naming ceremony where you met over a 100 people in a day and didn’t lose it. This is an achievement considering that you are so small and neither of your parents are particularly very social. You got 4 names on 29th January – Sachi (named by the priest), Goda (first name that popped into my head starting from “go”), Rukmini (after my paternal grandmother) and Abheri (after the raaga) with the last one being your official name.

This was also the day you met your chikki, Barbie, for the very first time in life. She is the one who has got you most of your clothes, shoes and other accessories and sometimes I fear you might just turn out to be a fashionista like her and that I might not be able to keep up (Everytime I put on new clothes for you, you get damn excited!). You did quite well through Barbie’s wedding as well except you got really tired and fell sick from over exhaustion (You’ll see that in photos when you grow up). We mostly managed only because your bath lady, Sukanya aunty was around to help out. Oh had I ever mentioned that until you were 4.5 months old, you had a masseuse and a bather? Diva only you are.

A big milestone this month has been your ear piercing, which quite astonishingly you hardly reacted to. We were all equipped to console you if you started howling in pain but you didn’t even wince. So much for not wanting to get your ears pierced because I was afraid you’d yank your earrings off, but since you got so many earrings as presents during your Namakarna that we just decided to put them to good use. You also earned yourself quite a bit of cash and gold, you rich girl!

We have now transitioned you to solids and you’ve Raagi and Banana on a regular basis. You’ve also had other fruits like chicoo, kiwi, melon, papaya, strawberry and moosambi. We did try and feed you rice, dal, tomato, carrot and potatoes for a couple of days but since we don’t eat that ourselves on a regular basis, we haven’t kept at it. I wonder if I make a terrible parent sometimes since I usually make do with whats available since I can be a bit self-centred and overly occupied with my own life. Oh wait a min, did I say you drink coffee like a pro? We started feeding you a drop of it everyday while we have our morning coffee ever since you were a month old, based on ammamma’s suggestion.

This month has also been great in terms of development of your motor skills. You can hold, grab and pull things now. You’ve a favourite toy – the monkey, which you like to hug and sleep. You might be teething because you love biting that monkey. In fact, you keep biting everything and some nights you don’t sleep very well. I always google all your symptoms and thats how I know that you might be teething. At this very crucial and irritable phase of your life, I am trying to prepare you to stay away from me as I start working soon. I haven’t thought much about how I’ll be without you or how you’ll be without me, but I think we’ll be okay.

We are moving to London soon (you got your first visa stamp on your passport and also your first mail ever all at 5 months), I’ll be starting a new job, working after almost three years, putting you in a daycare and all that, so you can imagine how overwhelming all these changes are going to be, but waking up to your beautiful smile every morning is going to make it all worth it, I know. I want to promise you now before life gets crazier that you and I will spend time together and make those moments count.

P.S – Although you are travelling abroad at 5 months, I am not going to tell you how privileged you are unlike me who travelled abroad for the very first time only when I was 23, because I know that times keep changing. So, don’t worry, I’ll try not to be preachy (“try” being the keyword here!)


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