Letters to my Berry#6



Berry, mi amor, you turn half today. Whee! What an eventful month this has been for you. On 3rd March, you moved from Bangalore to London and that was your very first flight. This was a moment I’d be dreading all my life because people with babies are not very popular on a flight. I was worried how you’d feel during take off and landing. I was worried you’d scream your lungs out through the journey and so I’d carefully chosen a night flight with breaks in between. To my greatest relief, you were an absolute sweetheart (ok, almost) except being in a plane with so many people was too exciting for you to be quiet. You kept trying to babble at anyone and everyone who remotely smiled at you or even made eye contact. Clearly you’ve got your genes from either your paternal aunt or your maternal great grandmother!

I had spent the last 6 months of my life being with you 24/7 and so people always asked me how I’d feel being away from you while at work. To be honest, I’d never given it much thought because I didn’t have a choice. We did visit a few nurseries before we finally decided to put you at Smithfield Day Nursery since we really liked the environment, all the things they made babies play with, etc. You even happily let Alice (your daycare manager) carry you while she showed us around the place and so I was confident that you’d be just as happy being there as you were at home. The first couple of days were hard for you, you refused to eat or drink much but eventually I guess you got more comfortable.

I realise that when you read this several years from now, there’s a chance you’ll think I was not such a nice mother for having left you at a day-care for 10 hours everyday and its completely okay (or maybe you won’t, I don’t know!). While I would absolute enjoy spending time with you all day, I don’t think I am equipped to entertain and nurture you as well as your carers at the day-care can. They made you paint for St.Patrik’s day. Your very first painting at 6 months!! Now, would I have made you do that? I don’t think so 🙂 More importantly, this was the only way for me to optimize for both of us – me getting back to pursuing my professional goals and you being taken care of while I was away at work.

Your routine at the daycare is quite interesting – You’ve breakfast, lunch (you’ve officially started eating real food, but in a pureed form of course!) and tea with lots of playing in between. There’s also a daily walk to either a park, church, library or a museum (if the weather allows of course!) where all of you little babies are put into strollers and taken around like pups for a walk. It’s quite cute. I heard you even played in the park one day. The funniest story I have heard from your nursery so far is you giggling really loudly at another baby that was crying. Now, I don’t know if you’ll make any friends being so evil. Haha.

Ever since you moved to the UK, you’ve been a constant babbler. You’ve so much to talk about all the time that I only wish I could understand what you have to say. So its a good thing that you have enough opportunities to socialise and develop communication skills at your daycare. Another exciting new thing you are trying to do is sit up. You are able to sit up on your own with one leg forward and another one backward. It’s a weird way of sitting alright but soon you’ll be able to sit comfortably. Also, you’ve been preparing to crawl on all fours with your head up but so far you can only sit on all fours and sway forward and backward. You already push yourself all around the world with your head down and so its impossible to leave you anywhere alone for too long.

The cutest thing about this month has been your new found ability to cuddle. You love cuddling with everyone. You touch people’s faces, try to hold them and smile in recognition. I think thatha really enjoyed this in the last couple of days before we left Bangalore and probably misses this as we are so far away. Of course he makes up for it by FaceTiming with you very other day. You can recognise both ajji and thatha over FaceTime and you try to cuddle with them through the phone, making them feel worse about being so far. 😛

Before we left Bangalore, we visited your godparents Sheila and Krishna and they enjoyed cuddling with you as well, although you spent more time wailing/ sleeping. I have promised G-Mommy Sheila that I won’t ruin your ideas about love, etc and that she can tell you all about it herself. I think you are so lucky to have back-up parents and that too, such cool ones, whenever you think your own are uncool. Also, you have tonnes to people who always send their love to you – Ashi ajji tops the list of course 🙂

You see, I could go on forever about you and your little life but I’ll save more for the months to come.


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