Letters to my Berry#7


Every month when I sit down to write this post, I feel like this month is more momentous than the previous months and so I am not quite sure when you’ve grown exponentially in the last few months. Anyway, you have grown enough to be bugging me right now trying to fiddle with the laptop and not letting me type at all. Don’t blame me for typos now alright?

On 24th March was the first time you tried to sit up and did so successfully. Guess what, we managed to capture that on camera as well, so yay! Within 2 weeks you also managed to stand up, so it seems like you are in a bit of hurry to run away somewhere. On 7th April, when I had put you to sleep in your crib while I worked from home, I turned around to see that you were laughing mischievously as you had managed to stand up by holding the railings of the crib (moment captured in the pic below). I remember thinking to myself yet again, honeymoon over! Sigh!


You say words like Appa, Amma and Thatha but they don’t really mean anything to you yet. You just try to imitate our sounds sometimes. We’ve tried to teach you “Ram ram seetaram” but its been one big fail. You probably tried to do it when thatha made you do it over FaceTime but one can’t be a 100% sure. The one thing that you do religiously without fail is lick everything. I don’t know if you are perpetually hungry or you just like to identify everything through taste. Eitherway, I don’t try to hard to stop you unless you are trying to lick a socket (which thankfully you don’t do too much off yet).

You like adult food – idli, dose, vade, chapatti, anna, saaru, huli and all making it damn easy for us to feed you. You pounce like a little tiger at the sight of food, much like your cousin brother Snaaku and so we happily take you to restaurants with us (see pic below). To be honest, this was the first time we felt like we had a whole new person in our lives while you sat with us at the table at Kailash Parbat ready to dive into the pav bhaaji.


This month has been super special also because you have been nice enough to let me ferry you from home to work on the tube without driving me completely nuts. You enjoy looking around at everyone on the train since you are so used to having people around you in the daycare. You’ve been enjoying your time at the daycare, doing all sorts of messy activities, enjoying the strolls around town and making little mothers’ day cards and all for me. I bet I couldn’t have entertained you half as much as you get entertained at the daycare even if I tried.


Good times apart, we have also had some very troubling times this month when you had very high fever and diarrhoea for 5 days at a stretch and in the middle of all this, we were even moving houses. There were times when I thought we wouldn’t get through all this but we did and I have a feeling that this feeling is going to come back over and over again in the years to come. I get this feeling of not doing enough ever so often but I think I’ll let this feeling pass because you are your own person and I can’t do a thing about being able to make you talk, do taarammaiah or make you go to Caltech 😛

Ok, I give up. You won’t let me write more since you want to type as well. So bye.

P.S – As Inchara promptly notes, you do have a lot of pink clothes. But hey, I don’t mind at all because pink is my favourite colour!


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