Letters to my Berry#18

cooling glassI can’t help but comment on my lateness at the start of every letter to you, giving you the impression that I really need to be more disciplined in my life. May be I do, but if I haven’t already, I want to give you some context. I juggle several different things like a demanding full-time job at Amazon, running Marriage Broker Auntie, my side matrimonial advisory gig, running a household, looking after you (where I am supported equally if not more by appa, and thank god for that!) and trying to keep you connected with the rest of your family across the world. So, I hope you’ll cut me some slack, whenever you are old enough to read this, which might be soon given the pace at which you are going.

This month has been quite an eventful month with us moving house, you being sick and all that, but you have been so cooperative, that I can’t think you enough for your patience. You might think it’s strange that I am thanking you, but sometimes kids can be damn exhausting to deal with and you have been good, and so this deserves some appreciation. You are just about getting used to your new house having been here for almost a week now, but in the beginning you woke up every morning crying, running around the house wondering where you’ve come and all that. there are more changes to come in the next couple of months with you going to India for a month, moving to a new nursery after, etc., and I hope we get through it in one piece.

In the last couple of weeks, as we visited a few nurseries in the area, I feel we are a minority as appa and I don’t seem to have thought much about what schools you should go to – if it should be a Montessori or not. I know that personalities are forged pretty early on and our environments have a huge role to play, but it seems ludicrous that one needs to think about all of this when their child is 18 months old! I suddenly feel very underprepared for all this, but given that I always see how best to wing it, I might just manage this one too.

Apparently most parents nowadays, prefer that their child’s learning foundation be laid right and so, they like kids to start school late. I don’t even know what that means. I think the only choice one has to make in life is whether to be a part of the system or whether to escape it. Once you have decided to go through the regiment, you are better off getting ahead of the game rather than simply playing by the rules. So, if you are two and you can do 2 digit addition, you should find a way to nurture your abilities rather than wait 4 years till everyone else catches up.

I have obviously mentioned that you can say your numbers, but now you can even show off with it. Whenever I mention to anyone that you can say 1-10, you immediately begin reciting, making us very proud. In fact, you can even show the numbers on your fingers now, which is commendable. We were visiting nurseries close to home yesterday and when we were taken to the topmost floor with the pre-school class that is about to join Reception, you found some number blocks. When asked to recognise some of the numbers, you immediately did, like a pro. This is all too exciting to watch you learn everything, but by no means does this mean that we want you to go study Math at Princeton. Hahaha.

You have this really cool ability to suddenly switch from singing ABCD to Twinkle Twinkle. I think you have always had a flair for music, given that you sing sa ri ga ma with taLa and all. You love dancing too, as any peppy music gets you to get grooving. You are always singing something with your own lyrics that no one can really understand. We can only catch a few words here and there, but as far as I have noticed, you can understand and speak in both English and Kannada. We consciously talk to you in Kannada at home, and thankfully. that’s had some influence over you, which is great, especially when we go back home in May as you can communicate well with everyone you meet.

Also, in preparation for going home, we bought you some fancy clothes along with sun glasses for the summer in India, and may I say, you are addicted to your kannadi. You love showing off by wearing it everywhere. You will make thatha proud, which you already do by religiously reciting every number, alphabet and animal sound you know. You also love jumping up and down on the bed now, guess thanks to Peppa pig who has showed you how to jump up and down (in muddy puddles!). Not just that, you have been a major climber this month, not only tires us to no end, but makes our lives more fun. Berry climingIt is also quite evident this month that you are very very attached to appa, probably because you spend thursdays with him now when he takes you to the park and does fun things with you outdoors, which you are a big fan of. You both are very similar in terms of wanting to go out always, picking out kadlekai from your chitranna, etc. He calls you a mini-me. It’s quite cute how you keep screaming “Ka-ha” and trying to find every excuse to hang out with him, which he absolutely loves but also gets bugged by sometimes. He thinks I manipulate you to seek him out and he fights with me about it. You get so upset about us fighting, and try to calm us down by crying yourself or coming to give one of us a hug or a kiss. Despite everything we do to scare you (unintentionally!), you are so forgiving and the very next minute, you come give us a hug or one of your infectious smiles, and it totally melts our hearts.

One day, you gave us a silly smile and we happened to say you look like “Paapalakshmi”, your ajji’s cousin and ever since, whenever we ask you to make “Paapalakshmi face”, you give us that same silly smile. You can also recognise people you speak to regularly on FaceTime, you keep chanting their names – Ajji, thatha, Barbie, Avva, Addu, Avani and you know when the phone is ringing, it’s one of them you are about to speak to and so you run towards the phone. By run, I mean run. You have also picked up new life skills like brushing your teeth well (although you have been brushing for some time now!).

I am always amazed as to how you are learning so many new things at once, and that’s the bit I love about being with you on this journey apart from being showered with kisses/ hugs randomly. You know, I could go on about everything you have learnt over the last one month, but I’ll stop for now and save the rest for next month.

Happy vonendoff Berrima!





One thought on “Letters to my Berry#18

  1. It starts nicely but detours into wishful thinking category. That’s me being judgemental there. Maybe because usage of sarcasm in a fight is my trigger and I loathe it.

    That apart, this rational client of yours finds a rational partner. 🙂

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