About me


Before smartphones became a thing (Yes, such an era existed!), you would find me sitting around bus stops watching the world go by and concocting theories about why the world is the way it is. I had a little notepad called my “random pocket journal” where I made notes but thank god for my blog now, there are permanent remnants of my thoughts and memories.

I have lived on 3 different continents, travelled to 23 different countries, worked in a couple of different industries, pursued a 100 different hobbies and been married for a while with a little baby now. So, I think I am fairly qualified to aristotle my way through life on this blog.

Here I write about people, dating, relationships, society, economics and life in general. I have written for a couple of publications, but someday when I have more discipline, I hope to write a regular column.

While writing is only a hobby, I have a bachelors in engineering from  MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore and a masters in business administration from IESE Business School in Barcelona.