Letters to my Berry#7

Every month when I sit down to write this post, I feel like this month is more momentous than the previous months and so I am not quite sure when you’ve grown exponentially in the last few months. Anyway, you have grown enough to be bugging me right now trying to fiddle with the laptop... Continue Reading →

Can infidelity be nourishing?

That’s an absurd title you’d think? But we understand very little of infidelity to be sure we don’t encounter it in our own lives and if it hasn’t happened to us, we usually hold the right to judge. The way we traditionally understand infidelity is when someone gets physically intimate with another individual of the opposite... Continue Reading →


There’s no real substance to this post. It’s merely a journal entry for the sake of remembering exactly how I feel today because some day I may not remember how it all began. As a teenager and a young adult, I remember asking my mum very often why she overworked herself both at home and... Continue Reading →

#Bother from another mother

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts. You are very much entitled to develop a horrible rash as you read this post because you probably have a strikingly contrary opinion and might have the urge to comment/ instigate, please be my guest. If you want to have a friendly discussion even, send me a note and we... Continue Reading →

What if?

I am in the business of promising people that I would make them more marriage-ready through one-on-one coaching. While I try my best to keep up my end of the deal, there are some things in the world I cannot influence - supply of soulmates. Even if you are more marriageable at the end of... Continue Reading →

Letters to my Berry#6

  Berry, mi amor, you turn half today. Whee! What an eventful month this has been for you. On 3rd March, you moved from Bangalore to London and that was your very first flight. This was a moment I’d be dreading all my life because people with babies are not very popular on a flight.... Continue Reading →

Distinguishing between loves

On my flight from Bangalore to London yesterday, I watched Woody Allen’s “The Cafe Society”, a 2016 romantic drama that has a chain of betrayed relationships - one man leaving his wife for another and then this one leaving for another and so on. Woody Allen’s movies are always about unrequited or in-satiated love and... Continue Reading →

To baby or not to baby?

Someone I know is contemplating having a child and so, she asked me for advice. I panicked. Why couldn’t she just find one of those breast-feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, attachment parenting type mothers of instagram?! On most days, I believe I was never designed to be a mother. I knew this even when I... Continue Reading →

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